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Established in 1983

If you're looking for the best pizza in John's Pass, Madeira Beach, or Treasure Island, FL, look no further than DeLosa’s Pizzeria

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Traditional hand tossed or Sicilian


Mild . Medium . Hot . Hell's Kitchen . Cajun . Honey BBQ . Garlic Parmesan


Traditional Red or White (Garlic & Olive Oil) , Our Square, Thick Crust Pizza

Italian Classics

All Served with a Side of Sauce, Baked in Our Hand-Tossed Pizza Dough

DeLosa’s Specialty

As one of the leading Italian restaurants in Madeira Beach, DeLosa’s continues to evolve into a major food destination because of our special hand-tossed pizzas. From an all-meat selection to a perfectly balanced veggie and meat pizza, we make sure that our menu stands out by mixing flavor, color, and texture into one cheesy, mouthwatering pie.

If you are looking for the best pizza in Treasure Island, give us a visit and see what the locals are raving about! We have something for everyone, including those who love seafood, salads, and side dishes. Come for lunch or dinner. We offer food selections perfect for more than just a quick mid-day break because our menu also includes full-meal servings that can satisfy all your cravings.

A real gem in a sea of restaurants, our team at DeLosa’s is ready to serve you great food in a friendly atmosphere.
Of all the John’s Pass restaurants, DeLosa’s Pizzeria consistently ranks as one of the best.

About us

DeLosa’s: Making Authentic Pizza and Italian Recipes Since 1983

Established in 1983 as a traditional New York pizzeria, DeLosa’s has become a neighborhood gathering place for friends and families. We are famous for our hand tossed pizzas. In addition, we serve a full Italian menu made with the best cheeses, quality meats, and homemade sauces. Come in and enjoy our warm atmosphere, become part of our family.

Built to provide an all-out dining experience, DeLosa’s Authentic New York Pizza and Italian Restaurant serves hearty meals that gather family and friends around the table. From our first-class dining room to our exhilarating liquor bar, our space has something to offer to every diner.

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DeLosa’s Standout Features

The warm, salty sea breeze, the picturesque views, and the cozy atmosphere make St. John’s Pass restaurants the perfect avenue to unwind, relax, and immerse oneself into a unique gastronomic experience. Whether you are specifically looking for Italian restaurants in Madeira Beach or you simply don’t have any ideas for the next best food stop in the area, you won’t regret adding DeLosa’s to your list.

Originating as a humble pizzeria with seating for 12, we have quickly grown into a huge diner that can accommodate up to 80. Our secret: a diversified Italian menu that emphasizes premium-grade ingredients. We don’t trade quality for quantity because we believe that every diner deserves food served with love and passion.

At the heart of every pizza that we serve in DeLosa’s are high-quality meats, fresh vegetable toppings, premium-grade cheese varieties, and a special, home-made sauce. We always strive to bring authentic Italian flavors to the table because that’s what our restaurant has been famous for since we first opened in 1983, and that’s the legacy we want to preserve.